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Server Rules


➣ Use of cheats, dupes or hacks will result in immediate ban.

 ✬ Any form of PvP hacks, duplication, x-ray, bots, source code, cheats, etc. will result in an immediate ban with little chance of appeal. Staff is not required to provide proof of any kind. If you are using any of the above or even suspected, you will be removed from the server.

 ✬ List of approved mods: Optifine


➣ Do not advertise, spam, beg, whine or disturb chat. Respect all players and staff.
 ✬ No advertising Other servers, spam is defined as anything irrelevant, sent to a large number of people and/or sent repeatedly. DDoS threats against server result in immediate ban.
 ✬ No harassing, no threatening, no prejudices (includes any discrimination). Racism will absolutely NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly.
 ✬ Giving out a player’s personal details without their consent is not allowed.
 ✬ Cyber Bullying: There is a fine line between raging and bullying. Staff will take steps necessary to prevent this. This includes evidence from in-game chat, forums. All cases are reviewed by the entire staff team and decisions will be made by the Admin team.

➣ AFK Grinding or Machines are not permitted.
 ✬ Machines that are set up that would even potentially allow for AFK grinding are not allowed - even if you promised to not go AFK while using it, not allowed.

➣ No rude buildings, Keep it PG "CREATIVE WORLD"


➣ All factions must have a home set. "FACTIONS WORLD"

➣ Lava Traps are Not Permitted. "FACTIONS WORLD"
 ✬ Lava: Using lava buckets during PVP is ok. Trapping your opponents in your claim and drowning them in lava is not allowed.
 ✬ Lava is allowed to be used in a defensive matter, such as moats.

 Staff can ban/mute/kick at their discretion.
 ✬ We aim to be unbiased and fair. You may, however, appeal your Ban here http://www.mmcf.co.uk/appeal

Breaking any of the following rules will result in punishment.

The length and type of the punishments are up to the discretion of staff and dependent on the severity of your offense and/or your number of previous offenses.

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